The mentoring program that changed the start-up ecosystem in the world

Do you have an idea that can change the world? The entrepreneurial mentorship program by ISRAEL STARTUPS CENTER provides people like you with a full 360 ° package that includes personal guidance from field-leading experts: Business Development, finance, law, design, marketing, user experience, storytelling and much more!

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A comprehensive mentoring program for entrepreneurs from all over the world

Every entrepreneur we’ve met in the last decade had a great idea – one that felt like it could change the world, or at least upgrade the way things were. But only a few succeeded in turning their idea into reality. The main reasons for failed attempts were lack of knowledge and difficulties in securing funding, in addition to lack of access to practical, easy-to-implement tools that help entrepreneurs move forward in their journey.


For exactly this reason, we established the Israeli Center for Beginner Startups. Close to a dozen mentors and experts have come together to give young entrepreneurs real practical solutions, much more than just theories – a plan ready to be implemented through:

1. Market research and building a marketing plan
2. Creating a business and financial plan
3. Planning, designing, developing and/or finding the right technologies
4. Preparation for talent recruitment and connections to investors
5. Legal advice and regulatory guidance

We do nothing but implement great ideas.

Our team of experts from Israel Startup Center has launched a special and new program for entrepreneurs that includes close supervision beginning with the concept stage, all the way to the execution of operations. With over 10 years of experience each, we have no doubt that we can help you get there. Each project will involve intensive guidance in which entrepreneurs receive a series of practical tasks (like short sprints) based on a tried-and-tested strategic method, offering significant milestones on the way to launching an idea.

Corinne Sabine, UX / UI

A UX and UI expert with extensive experience in branding and designing digital products, helping startups become a leading brand that people love. Enjoys solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Alon Moreshet, Business Development

Business development leader with deep experience, having held a variety of management positions at established companies and startups. Alon has been a mentor for business executives and startup entrepreneurs for many years.

Idan Chail, Product

An experienced product manager with a proven history of working in the technology and start-up industry, with a variety of products in different industries. Proficient in product perception, UX design, and product development leadership in AGILE methodologies.

Shai Yoffe, Digital Marketing

Worked for years in digital marketing. With extensive experience working with marketing start-ups and technology companies, Shai is an expert in the development of marketing plans, strategy building and business development.

Libby Kadosh, CPA

Partner in Inside Out Finance with over 15 years of rich experience in all aspects of financial management, business leadership, financial and strategic planning and execution. She has worked extensively with multinational high-tech companies as well as successful start-ups.

Assaf Ben David, Legal

Worked in the largest and leading law firms in Israel, on deals with start-up companies. In 2014, Assaf established the legal clinic for start-ups at the IDC. Today, he accompanies entrepreneurs on their journey. He is also an international lecturer.

Dennis Abramovorb, Technology

20 years of experience in implementing innovative features while maintaining maximum performance, researching complex issues regarding real technologies, and developing modules that turn ventures into a multi-model database.

Sharon Sheinin, User Experience

An expert with extensive experience in turning ideas into products. Executes the following processes: building product strategy, product management, user research, market analysis and characterization of user experience.

Rinat Gershfeld, Communications

Rinat has over 13 years of experience in presentation skills, effective communication and storytelling. On a day-to-day basis such skills help business owners, executives, employees, and startups to deliver effective, compelling presentations that bring results.

Your FAQs Answered

Establishing a start-up is a complex, demanding process, requiring a significant investment of energy and resources, given the amount of ups and downs until key milestones are achieved. In order to minimize risk levels and reduce the chance of failure, it’s important to constantly learn and develop in the field, and especially enlist the help of experts who will show you the shortest and safest way to reach your goals.


That’s why we established the Israeli Center for Startup Companies who are at the beginning of their journeys. We are a team of entrepreneurs with a huge variety of expertise areas, to help you to succeed by going through a process of learning and professional development, in order to take your venture from concept all the way to a successful global company.

We provide the tools and the knowledge for you to build a startup that can flourish on its own. While the beginning of this process can be intense, we’re always happy to see you spread your own wings and fly. Of course, we’re always available for coffee and consultations, even after you finish the program. After all, friendships are forever.

The service is given to serious entrepreneurs after an interview and a test – to make sure that you have the abilities to lead your venture forward. What we offer is less suitable for people who don’t have time to invest, or the desire to give their venture their all.

It’s difficult to measure success within a short period of time, especially since our process is based on tasks and work plans determined together with the entrepreneur. As results depend on the degree of implementation, we can say there is always a 100% progress, and in most cases business success too.


It’s important to understand that in the world of entrepreneurship, failure is part of the game. The wisdom gained helps to understand whether the venture can exist as it is or whether it’s necessary to rethink it.

* Personal counseling track – 3 months-long including a weekly meeting of 3 hours, phone calls and unlimited consultations.


* Group acceleration program with additional entrepreneurs – a total of 10 meetings

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